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About us

Home Repair, Maintenance and Renovation services

Echome is one of the kind in terms of functionality.  We bring on board fifteen years of experience in Home Renovation Service, with acumen for quality and an eye for details; Echome has grown beyond the realms of the Chennai City and spread in to suburbans and rural areas too.

Our Vision is to make Living a joyous journey. Houses which were built in the past were restored by cementing the crack on the walls, reinstating the weathering course to strengthen the roof, fixing the leaking pipes, replacing the electric switches, relaying of tiles, fixing the doors / windows that need to be refurbished, enhancing the functionality of the house by making modifications to the house if required. Then paint the house by using the appropriate paints for interiors and exteriors. All at a very competitive price.

Our Mission is to make the transformation of the house as hassle free as possible to the inmates of the house even if they are an elderly or physically challenged. Apart from the whole gamut of services we also give focused services catering to a specific need of a home such as Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Water Tank cleaning, Tiles laying, House Painting, Electrical Work, Carpentry, Handyman Services, Furniture Assembly and Preventive Care to keep the pests at bay. 

We undertake Annual Maintenance of the Flats and individual Houses. We also give Property Management Services of NRI’s who have invested in the property here in Tamilnadu.