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Good Electrician

Electrical Repair

Ensuring safety of the family is of utmost important. Faulty electrical wiring will bring in grave consequence, for the matter of fact even the old wiring are prone to malfunction. We provide the best electrical services through the most experienced electricians and verified technicians. If you have purchased a home recently then we suggest that you schedule an electrician inspection to ensure that all the electrical connections are perfect. Some times you may require an up gradation of your electrical panels in every room to meet your family’s needs.

At EChome we take care of your entire rewiring needs of your house. We also do installation of appliances, reinstating earthing system, fixing electrical components, Identifying electrical problems and fixing them by using testing devices. We even replace and repair items such as circuit breakers, plug sockets, switches,  Telephone points, installing ceiling fans, lights, stabilizers, ACs, Geyser, Inverters, security camera, and the likes.